* Available for both Linux & Windows.

* Auto-completion of words while typing.

* Four Keyboard layouts.

  1. Phonetic Layout – For Beginners
  2. Phonetic-2 – For Intermediate
  3. Nudi (KP Rao) Layout – For Advanced.
  4. Transliteration – Similar to google transliteration.

* Create & Edit following type of documents

Plain text, Rich text, HTML

* Create PDF documents.

* Online Wiktionary support – Using this you may find the words definition from Wiktionary project.

* PadaKosha – Offline dictionary for Kannada(only) Language. English – Kannada, Kannada-Kannada.

Contains more than 2 lakh (2 hundred thousand) words already.

* Find & Replace.

* Script-Converter: Convert script from from one Indic script to another. Also support ANSI(English) to Indic Unicode conversion.

* Spell Check : Spell check support (for Kannada) script. Easily extendible to any  other Indic script.

* Pada-IME : Using which could write Indic scripts directly in any other windows application, For ex:

Emails, Notepad, WordPad, MS Word, MS Excel, FireFox, Internet Explorer and etc.

* Online forum forum.pada.pro for discussing anything related to Pada Software.

Please feel free to write your questions or comments here.


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